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As part of our mission to maintain a semi-professional company, dancers are invited to join the Vacaville Ballet Company following an annual audition. Auditions are open to all dancers in the area. A select number of dancers are appointed to the ranking of Principal, Soloist, or Corps de Ballet member by the Artistic Director. Dancers may also be selected as Apprentices to the Company. Completion of an audition does not guarantee a Company invitation.

The Artistic Director extends Company invitations and ranking promotions based on a dancer’s abilities in addition to skill and merit. The dancer’s academic standing is also considered when making appointments. Because our Company dancers come from a variety of schools in the area, rankings do not correspond with a dancer’s age or ballet level at their home school.


Auditions are held once annually in August for the Season’s Company. Auditions are open to the public. Production auditions for Company and Supporting Roles are held twice annually for our Winter and Spring productions. Production auditions are also open to the public. Visit our Events & Productions page for more information.


  • Must be en pointe,
  • Attend regular weekly ballet classes,
  • Have a current minimum GPA of 3.0


Company Members are held to a Company Contract, signed annually. The contract outlines requirements and expectations of all Company Members, including participation in at least one annual production, maintenance of a 3.0GPA, community service, and behavior expectations. This is all explained at the annual Company Welcome Day.

Scholarship Opportunities

Pointe Shoe Fund

When our company members have pointe shoes that are no longer usable, they are donated to the Company and are put on sale to our patrons in the theater lobby during our performances. Purchased pointe shoes can be autographed by our dancers as keepsake items. Most pointe shoes cost a minimum of $85 a pair and the dancers must purchase their own shoes and bear the cost. Our lead dancers will go through as many as three pairs during a production. We hope in the future, our Pointe Shoe Fund will cover the cost of the pointe shoes for all our dancers.

The Pointe Shoe Fund is a need-based scholarship distributed twice annually.

Any amount can help offset the enormous costs of pointe shoes. Donations directly to our pointe shoe fund can be made online or in the lobby of our performances.

Enrichment Scholarship

Our Company Members are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, though many maintain a 4.0 or higher, and participate in community service opportunities, though many exceed their hour requirement. The Vacaville Ballet Company is proud to offer a scholarship to current Company Members demonstrating academic excellence and outstanding service to the community. The fund awards are designated for use toward the cost of participation in a VBC Production or toward the cost of other dance-related endeavors. This includes, but is not limited to participation in summer intensive programs, dance company or college auditions, etc.

Enrichment Scholarships are awarded once annually and the number of recipients is dependent upon the available funds. Up to $500 will be awarded per recipient.

Donors interested in supporting the amazing academic, community, and dance achievements of our dancers are invited to donate directly to the VBC Enrichment Scholarship Fund.